#001 Professional VS Personal Development

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Episode Summary

In Episode #001 of our pilot series, we are discussing the Professional versus Personal Development and getting that balancing act and how that works for professionals and also those who are in athletic careers.

Full Show Notes

Tatjana Ivanova: An MBA in economics, a master of advanced studies in sports administration technology, 10 years of marketing and management at Proctor & Gamble, 5 years at the IOC, and the first Russian woman to finish the Ironman Woman World Championships in Hawaii in 2003. Has completed 20 Ironman competitions, many ultra-endurance cycling, trail running, and cross-country skiing events. Is a certified Ironman coach, Elite long-distance triathlon coach, Level 2 Training Peaks, and is a TriSutto coach working with Brett Sutton. A certified Human Energy facilitator and Life Transformation coach.

Dominique Gobat: Working in higher education for the last 12 years, supporting and partnering with people in career transition. Also held roles in marketing communications and information systems, educational program management. From a sporting side, an Ironman finisher.

Host: Christiaan Page

Podcast Team: Diogo Jurema, Alexandra Volkova, Donata Taddia, Surbhi Kuwelker, Tatiana Ghigonetto, Sarah Crumbach, Gustavo Arellano, Pablo Rosetti, Torin Koos.

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