#006 Explore athlete’s life experience: inspire, create awareness and raise support

Podcast episode Explore athlete's life experience: inspire, create awareness and raise support Marga Rico Greta Avola

Episode Summary

Marga Rico set herself the goal of finishing a half ironman in Madrid in less than 5 hours. From Lausanne to Madrid, she built an inspiring story of a woman who decides to challenge herself, while inspiring others with her knowledge and passion for the sport. #inspiringwithoutinspiring has been the slogan of Marga’s project, led together with Greta Avola, which has an innovative marketing and commercial strategy. Marga and Greta brought this challenge to another level, creating an interesting case to learn from. If it has worked for them why it cannot work for you?

Full Show Notes

Marga Rico: Believing in getting the best of each individual and taking things to the next level, Marga Rico is an aerospace engineer and former elite tennis player. She comes back to her essence as an athlete where sport values shape the different areas of her life. Having a tireless passion for sports and businesses, Marga works full time as a project and event manager for an international sport federation. In 2019, she wore the Spanish national colours in ITU World Champs (age group) and took a podium in the half distance in the half ironman in Madrid.

Greta Avola is a well-respected professional with over 10 years of experience in sports marketing and event management. Greta studied in USA, UK, Spain and currently lives in Switzerland. Greta works as sponsorship and marketing specialist managing sponsorship partnerships, account management, activation and rights delivery.

Hosts: Christiaan Page and Alexandra Volkova

Podcast Team: Donata Taddia, Pablo Rosetti, Torin Koos, Diogo Jurema, Sarah Crumbach, Surbhi Kuwelker, Gustavo Arellano

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