#014 Positioning smaller scale multi-sport events

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There are just a few large-scale, global events. Nevertheless, there are thousands of smaller-scale events happening in the world. What are those events aiming for as key outcomes of their communications strategies? What are success stories and failures in the context of smaller-scale multi-sport events communications strategies?

Full Show Notes

Guy Horne is managing director of H&A Media, company producing tailored sports media content for international federations, event rights holders and brands.  Clients include Swiss-Ski, International Canoe Federation, International Skating Union, FIBA, EBU, GAISF and their multi-sport games, UCI Tour of China and UCI Tour of Guangxi. Prior to relocating to Switzerland in 2013, Guy had been based in Hong Kong for 23 years – 11 years with IEC in Sports and prior to that, 6 years with ISL Worldwide. He led the regional business acquisition through producing and creating a strong media identity for Asian volleyball, badminton, table tennis, rugby and the Asian Winter Games.  Guy was a venue manager for the ’98 FIFA World Cup; managed the commercial and technical programme for the Chinese national football teams who qualified for their first FIFA World Cup in 2002. During that period, the ISL team delivered the first pan-regional marketing programme for the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok, generating in excess of USD110m for the Olympic Council of Asia.   

Peter Stafford – Co-Founder & CEO of Mitchell Stafford Management (MSM), a strategic public relations and communications consultancy working in sport. Since relocating to Switzerland in 2009, Peter has been actively involved in international sport, leading projects and providing advisory services to clients in a number of areas. He has an extensive network of contacts and brings a wealth of experience working with senior executives in the development and implementation of strategic plans. Equipped with master’s degrees in business administration and sports law, as well as a degree in sport science, Peter puts this knowledge to use leading the business and operational side of MSM. Peter manages the MSM client accounts, working hand in hand with his creative colleagues to develop and implement the strategic vision.

Hosts: Christiaan Page and Alexandra Volkova

Episode Team: Donata Taddia, Pablo Rosetti, Torin Koos, Diogo Jurema, Sarah Crumbach, Surbhi Kuwelker, Gustavo Arellano

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