#030 Exploring the career path of a world-class mountain-biker

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This episode explores the path of Swiss cyclist Christoph Sauser from racing mountain-bikes to roasting coffee.

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Guests: Christoph Sauser
One of the top mountain bikers in the world, Christoph Sauser is a bronze medallist at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. He is the founder of songo.info an association which aims to provide a safe space for children to play on bikes and create a long-term impact in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch, in South Africa. Today Christoph roasts his own coffee in Switzerland. 

Hosts: Christiaan Page, Diogo Jurema, Donata Taddia

Podcast Team: Donata Taddia, Pablo Rosetti, Torin Koos, Diogo Jurema, Sarah Crumbach, Surbhi Kuwelker, Gustavo Arellano

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