#031 Working in and across teams

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As the sports industry is very much based on multi-stakeholder collaboration and team-based relationships, this episode explores the responsibilities of individuals and organizations to build and nurture effective and yet harmonious teams. Our guest, Marie Reig Florensa, summarizes the basic: it is all about the people.

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As the sports industry is very much based on multi-stakeholder collaboration and team-based relationships, this episode explores the responsibilities of individuals and organizations to build and nurture effective and yet harmonious teams.

Guests: Marie Reig Florensa

Born on the 18th June 1980 in Lleida, Spain. Although my real official name is Maria Reig Florensa, I like when people call me Marie, as, among other things, it reminds me of my childhood swimming coach, when he encouraged me to give my best.I am a humanist. I am fascinated by the stimulus to better understand what makes us humans, how we can make sense of the world around us to generate a positive impact on it, and how we could learn to work as a global team to build a more peaceful global society while striving to be at our best collectively.  I passionately study the crossroads of leadership, human values, and creativity as tools for personal growth, positive social impact and positive company culture development. I am a multifaceted professional with a non-conventional career path; a self-made lifelong learner. Curiosity is my fuel, self-discipline, and constancy my secret weapons. To build a better world with every job assignment is my commitment. It took me 11 years to finish my human studies university degree. I continue studying everyday since. I earned my degree while working as a LIVE Broadcasting specialist around basketball courts, motorsports circuits and other sports competitions and sporting events. That led me to 3(almost obvious yet usually forgotten)fundamental insights: Observing sports events and competitions can help us to learn, reflect and understand the nature being human and working in teams in a unique and powerful way. There is extraordinary power in the being your authentic and courageous self in the here& now. We are all leaders. Respect is a boomerang. We have to give it to receive it. I started working when I was 14 years old as a radio presenter but it took me 22 years more to understand that actually I am gifted with communication. Along the years I have become a hybrid expert(problem solver)in the fields of culture, communication, and media with more than +20 years of experience in both mainstream global projects and local underground ones. The common denominator: to place positive human values at the core and co-learn and co-create along the way for the best possible result, 1+1=3.·       

 As Executive Coach help individuals and teams to play at the top of their game, better understanding issues & supporting them to develop their best self in alignment with their values. I thrill translating theory into practice allowing for engaging, memorable and easy to understand learning experiences. Working “tailor-made” for projects that enable fostering peer to peer co-learning moments and that make the most of the available talent and experience in the room make me feel like a child with a new toy. Thus “making things happen”, while taking into account diverse stakeholders needs and objectives, is where I have more fun with. I have learned that failure is the best teacher for success. “All the answers are to be found in the process”. I am not afraid of uncertainty, as I have faith that giving my best and enjoying the way will drive us towards a successful result. I am a natural motivational and inspirational leader. I know by experience that if the team is united any situation can be navigated. “Leading from the Heart” is my actual field of study and research. As public speaker, I have been presented in majors events such as RARE LDN in London, Reinvention Creativity and Innovation Festival in Guayaquil (Ecuador), ADC Creative Week in Zürich, LivMundi Festival in Rio de Janeiro, CentraRSE National Sustainability Forum in Guatemala City, and REBELS AND RULERS Branding Festival in Bucharest, among others. If you see me around wearing a Basketball jersey it is because while standing on the corner of a Basketball court I came to the realization that it is the quality of interpersonal relationships what makes even “the impossible” possible.

Hosts: Christiaan Page, Gustavo Arellano, Diogo Jurema

Podcast Team: Diogo Jurema, Alexandra Volkova, Donata Taddia, Surbhi Kuwelker, Tatiana Ghigonetto, Sarah Crumbach, Gustavo Arellano, Pablo Rosetti, Torin Koos. 

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