“Protecting the values of sport” – Gautier Vasseur

SportWorks TALKS Gautier Vasseur Protecting the values of sport. Tuesday, March 31st at 10AM

SportWorks TALKS – #MeetTheMembers series

What is the purpose of your organisation? This is the crucial point to reflect on to protect and promote its values and foster authentic engagement with clients and fans.

Gautier Vasseur, a former elite athlete and current partner at Pedersen & Partners, has his finger on the pulse of successful organisational behaviour. During this #SportWorksTALKS he takes a deep dive into organisational culture, effective governance, social responsibility, and sustainability for sports organisations. He shared the best practices of leading global organisations to enhance their reputation in turbulent times, and how they can be applied to sports.

He also highlighted the criticality of fostering diversity to make better decisions and the need for organisations to reflect their own values before inspiring others. Gautier challenged a limiting belief that #SportWorkers should have an athlete’s background by welcoming experts from different industries who could harness the powerful values of sport.

Learn more about creating a purposeful organisation, protecting the values of sport, and embarking on the journey of ‘exploring the why’ in your professional life.

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