“TV Broadcast Legacy on sport events. Why & How?” – Armelle Canet

SportWorks TALKS – #WomenInSport series

In 2018, 500 legacy students successfully assisted the 18th Asian Games broadcasting production teams, in Indonesia. The leadership behind this powerful case study was Armelle Canet, a senior broadcast professional that has accumulated experiences in FIFA, HBS and UEFA.
In this SportWorks TALKS, Armelle details this endeavour and what were some key elements for success. She shares, for instance, how choosing the right partners, such as Universities and Organising Committees, played and important role in implementing the project. Her experience with recruiting and following up with students is also insightful: most of students were women and dropouts were minimum, revealing the efficiency of the recruiting process.
Watch and let yourself be moved by the value that legacy can create both for organisers and locals.

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