“‘No Limits’ Innovation and teamwork to reach the ultimate goal” – Carolina Hesse-Ahumada

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The 2010 Colombian “No Limits” expedition to support Nelson Cardona – a renowned climber and right leg amputee- to summit Mt. Everest was special on several counts.  Nelson’s triumph received significant media coverage across Latin America and used innovative fund-raising to engage the community. 

Carolina, one of the five members of this team, will share the story and the impact of this expedition, as a whole nation celebrated how its’ citizens demonstrated that limits are only in your mind.

Carolina Hesse-Ahumada was born in Bogotá, Colombia. In 2010, she was invited to join the Everest expedition and took a lead in communications and camp operations. In 2012 she won a scholarship to study Sports Management at AISTS in Lausanne, Switzerland and since 2014 she works for the IOC as Athlete365 Career+ Project Manager.

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