“Twenty years delivering Olympic Games technology” – John Paul Giancarlo

SportWorks TALKS – #Tech series

Be prepared to learn about the exciting 20 years journey of delivering some of the most complex technology projects in the world with a single aim: provide athletes with the best stage to shine and fans with great mediatic experience of major sports events.

The debut session of SportWorks TALKS [TECH series] with John Paul Giancarlo (Associate Director for IOC Games Technology and Energy) and Christiaan Page (IOC Advisor and Executive Director of Legacy Sport) is a great opportunity to be an insider of Games Technology Projects ranging from Sydney 2000 to Tokyo 2020.

They shared insights, anecdotes and the survival techniques that have been adopted during almost two decades in this high-performance environment. Some examples are the impacts of weather, geography and local culture during the implementation phase besides impressive legacies of the Games Technology Project in Olympic Cities. Last but not least, the most important tech features to enhance Tokyo 2020 experience were also covered.

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