“Combining the best of innovative finance and S4D” – Philippe Furrer & Patrick Elmer

SportWorks TALKS – #MeetTheMembers series

Philippe Furrer and Patrick Elmer come from two different sectors. They met in late 2018 and agreed that something needed to be done to bring together the best of their “industries”: sustainable finance and innovations in #banking on the one hand, and the power of sport, physical activity, movement and active play to transform young people’s lives on the other.

The newly published Sport & Finance for Development (SF4D) White Paper is the foundation stone of an exciting endeavour.

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Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of the advisory firm insPoweredBy, Philippe has a passion for sport as a school of life and as a catalyst for change in young people’s lives and across communities and cities. He spent the largest part of his career with the IOC, in various senior roles. Holding several academic degrees in geoscience, literature, sports science and business leadership, Philippe believes in cross-disciplinary approaches as the only way to solve today’s complex social and environmental challenges.