“Creative content when no live action is possible” – Tina Sharma

SportWorks TALKS – #MeetTheFederations series

Covid-19 has upended the world as we know it and has forced many industries to rethink traditional strategies. Live sports is one area which has been heavily affected by the pandemic.

At the start of 2020, the International University Sports Federation was gearing up for live action every week from March to November, with 30 events planned and a robust communications plan in place. These ideas had to be shelved but FISU rebounded beautifully with 13 multi-platform campaigns over the span of 6 months. A mix of value-based material, repurposed content, athlete involvement, and experimentation with innovative trends resulted in high engagement rates, a stronger student-athlete community, and an influx of new followers.  What was their secret sauce for social media success?

Award winning journalist and Head of Communications & PR at FISU, Tina Sharma Tiwari takes us behind the scenes of how her team adapted during this unprecedented time. She shares everything from what worked wonders, what didn’t exactly resonate with the audience, and the strategies that will be kept in rotation post-Covid.

It’s a masterclass in strategic communication for sports pros.

FISU SG presents activities undertaken during COVID-19 period
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