“Athlete365 Community: Making Athletes’ Lives Better” – Chantal Buchser

As Olympian Lauryn Williams put it, “Athlete is the thing that you are right now, it’s not the only thing that you are.” The International Olympic Committee’s Athlete365 provides elite athletes and Olympians with both online and in-person support tailored to their needs, including guidance on critical topics such as career transition, dual career and mental health. Chantal Buchser has served as Senior Athlete Support Manager for the IOC for nine years and also manages the IOC’s Sport & Active Society Commission. She joins #SportWorkTALKS to share the advice, services and tools that Athlete365 provides to assist athletes not only during their competitive careers but also in their life after sport. Sports administrators are especially encouraged to take advantage of the platform and the wealth of content available. Whether you’re an athlete, part of the entourage, or a sport practitioner, this is a session you can’t miss! 

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