“Sustainability: The sports industry’s next upgrade” – Matthew Campelli

How the sports industry should adapt to a new scenario, where “fluid fans” have increased power of choice and more willing to change their minds? A scenario where 75% of sports fans have an increased interest in brands that are socially responsible and 87% of “foward-thinking costumers” believe sport must take action to reduce its negative environmental footprint?

Sport has many dimensions, and one of them is that it is a product. The more it becomes a sustainable and socially responsible product, the more it will be attractive for sports fans and society. This is what Matthew Campelli, founder, and editor of The Sustainability Report, shared during the opening of SportWorks TALKS – The Sustainability Leadership Series.

Mixing research, case studies and inspirational quotes from leaders such as Sebastian Coe, Matthew argued that if clubs, leagues and federations place sports sustainability as a core strategy, in a meaningful and sincere way, they will undoubtedly offer a better product that will benefit all. An instigating TALK, followed by rich questions from participants, that left us all looking forward to the next episodes of the series.

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