“DIVA Network: a tech evolution for major sports events” – Christiaan Page

Athletes train all their lives to reach the Olympics and win a gold medal for their country. But who makes sure that every sporting moment is captured is timed perfectly and captured in all its glory? The technology that goes behind in setting up the Olympics ensures that no crowning achievement is lost. On the back of a ‘New Norm’ and Olympic Agenda 2020, the International Olympic Committee has been working hard to improve this technology and make Tokyo 2020 a better experience for everyone involved.

The DIVA (Data, Intercom, Audio, Video) Network, being rolled out for the first time at Tokyo, seamlessly integrates all the machinery and is based around using simple architecture and re-using technology and personnel. It combines various processes to improve everything from timing, scoring and results technology to the medal presentations. It addresses multiple issues by decreasing the risks and coordinating between different tasks, while making the larger delivery of the Olympics easier on the host cities and technology partners involved. Watch our SportWorks TALK with Christiaan Page, Founder and Director of Legacy Sport, to see how the DIVA Network is a major evolution for sports events.

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    I really enjoyed this chat, thanks Christiaan and the organisers. I know you were unable to take all questions. I wanted to ask about how the knowledge is transferred from LOC to LOC. You mentioned keeping the consistency of expertise, which makes sense but of course, with a 4+ year cycle you cannot guarantee the same people. Does DIVA rely upon a long-term supplier relationship or is the knowledge packaged in such a way that LOC could deploy with their choice of local partner? Thanks.