“Unleashing the power of sports for social change” – Prof. Muhammad Yunus

“I was not trying to save everyone, I was just trying to save one person”. Professor Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer of microfinancing, established the Grameen Bank in 1976, handing out small loans to individuals to help them lead a better life. The move revolutionised the way we see finance, and it also led to him receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, enshrining his contribution to society.

We at SportWorks were extremely honoured to welcome Professor Yunus back, as he shed light on his journey of empowering people to become entrepreneurs, and bringing all of that to the sports world. Connecting the world of sports and social business, he led the way – through Yunus Sports Hub – in ensuring that Paris 2024 is the first socially responsible Olympics. “If you spend even 1 Euro, it should be spent with a social purpose,” he said. Listen to this inspiring SportWorks TALK by Professor Muhammad Yunus, as he walked us through how we can all contribute to social change.

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