How sport photographs become iconic (and a source of revenue) – Gavin Booth

What makes for an iconic photograph? That’s an intriguing question which could have numerous answers. An iconic photo could be that of a major event, an incident, or even a sporting icon. All of these could be the recipe to a great photograph. Think of Boris Becker throwing up his hands in the air after winning Wimbledon, or Jessica Chastain scoring the winning penalty to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup for her country. Both these moments stand out not just for the achievement, but also because of the classic imagery.

We explored these ideas and so much more in our TALK with Gavin Booth, Chief Growth Officer at IMAGO, the largest digital sports archive in the world. Listen to his TALK, and learn more about how sports photography is governed by narratives and stories, and how finding the right partners is the way to commercialise sports content and take it to the next level.

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