“Embracing sports as tech-led entertainment businesses” – Amr Elrawi

Amr Elrawi, Director of Sports Marketing and Business Development at Oracle presented a SportWorks TALK on how “new landscapes are opening new opportunities to reach new fans” for sports. In an era where data is reigning supreme, sports are entering the experience economy and trying to “engage fans like never before,” Amr stated.

Sports are “moving from traditional to new models” of business. But what does that mean? Clubs want to know more about their fans, engage and tailor their approaches. This is why they are moving to “innovative partnerships” where they are moving forward with data-driven approaches. Gathering data about their fans, providing them content 24/7, and partnering with eSports and eCommerce platforms – sports clubs are revolutionising their approach.

This new approach combines aspects of “off-track data, in-track data, and that from their partners.” For example, when a ball is kicked on a football pitch, the experience that goes out to the fans gives them “the ball speed at that point, the average speed, and even focuses on which brand does the ball belong to.” Fans get a complete package of information and they can choose what they like. Amr emphasised that it is “important to make every interaction matter.”

Two examples of this that have been developed by Oracle are through their cloud computing infrastructure – where they provide support to Red Bull Racing, helping gather data that can be used in race strategies. Or for the Premier League, where they gather various aspects of interesting data about the games and relays it to the fans. And they’re just two of the ways that data is driving this technological shift.

The future of sports lies in embracing technology. Watch a replay of the TALK with Amr, and find out how sports, sports clubs and Federations are moving forward with a new approach.

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